Role Model Leadership Academy

Next Leadership runs the highly innovative and immersive Role Model Leadership Academy, designed to raise leaders from across diverse sectors, backgrounds and communities to transform nations.

This programme produces highly motivated and engaged leaders with enhanced self-awareness, team leadership and influencing skills who excel in inspiring and raising other leaders.

Participants will be able to engage in critical thinking, entrepreneurship and problem solving. This will enable them to succeed in strategic roles within any sphere or sector including government, business, education, ministry and family.

Academy Programmes

We offer 3 leadership development packages for:

  • Senior leaders already actively engaged in their role
  • Emerging or Young leaders in the early days or years of leadership
  • Women leaders based on the Next Leadership book 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

The first two programmes are known as Maximise Your Leadership and the latter ‘She Rises’

Each package is expertly developed, designed and delivered by Next Leadership in a variety of programme formats.

APF has benefitted from a close collaboration with Next Leadership including mentoring, critical friendship, strategic support and shared ministry in Africa. The opportunity to engage with close but external colleagues has been invaluable in the substantial organisational transformation and project development APF has experienced in recent years.

Thank you Kate and Cham!

Rev Dave Stedman
CEO, African Pastors Fellowship