What if?... Re-imagining the Future

This programme explores multiple, provocative and plausible futures adopting a scenario planning approach. 

It is based on the premise that leaders rightly reflect on future related questions, ‘what will the future look like?  How will it be different from today? What should I be doing as an individual, or we as an organisation in order to progress our mission in the light of these potential challenges? 


Below is a typical example of the phases covered during ‘Reimagining the Future’ using a scenario planning approach. 


In the first phase the goal is to clarify the true nature of the issues at stake; this will emerge from a thorough exploration of:
a) the perceived challenges facing your organisation and/or church and
b) the primary purpose for engaging in this process of reimagining.


This phase explores the many “driving forces” of change outside your organisation that could shape its future dynamics in predictable and unpredictable ways. For example, new technologies, political shifts, economic conditions, social dynamics, environmental concerns and religious/faith developments.


This phase involves developing potential scenarios based upon the information gleaned in the exploration phase.


The ‘litmus test’ of a robust set of scenarios is not whether they portray the future accurately, but whether it enables an individual, team, group, community, organisation and/or institution to learn, adapt and take effective action.


This phase involves creating mechanisms that will help your organization track shifts in the environment and adjust strategy accordingly.