One to One Mentoring and Coaching

If you want to strengthen your leadership, better support your team or achieve your organisational goals, we will tailor an approach to meet your specific needs.


Why leaders approach us for mentoring...

  • We walk our talk!
  • We’ll bring a fresh perspective to the dilemmas of leadership development and career management.
  • Our approach is ‘you-shaped’…we don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution.
  • We believe that for you to be successful in achieving the next step or level in your career, you must build your inner capacity to maximise your outer impact.
  • We’ll support you whether you’re increasing your span of control, transitioning to a new role, moving to the next level, making a complete change or just looking at the options.
  • We act as sponsors to our clients, becoming their ‘wise friends’ and sounding boards for decision making around the direction of their working life and career.
  • We will highlight your wisdom and share our wisdom, learning from hindsight experiences, resources and extensive networks.
  • We provide honest constructive feedback that will move you closer to wherever you want to be.
  • We’ll explore ‘What if’ scenarios and challenge you to imagine beyond your self-limiting perceptions.
  • Our involvement in your growth is more than a transaction, we partner with you so that you do more of what only you can do, in the way that only you can do it!

What next?

The first step is an Enquiry call. This is a 15 - 30-minute confidential conversation scheduled with a lead mentor, designed to assess your needs and answer your questions. There is no charge for this conversation.


What we offer

We offer two different approaches to coaching:

  • Firstly, coaching which focuses on the leader/coachee. This is practised by accredited coaches of varying backgrounds. We provide this service through our associate coaches, many of whom are ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited.
  • Secondly, Stakeholder Centered Coaching which focuses on leadership and team growth through stakeholder feedback. This is practiced by Marshall Goldsmith and the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching community, a premier network of more than 1000 certified coaches. We provide this service through our Stakeholder Centered Coaches.

This approach has been proven to enable successful people to lead more effectively through long-term change in leadership behaviour by using a methodology that is highly effective and time efficient.

The major challenge of most executives is not understanding the practice of leadership – it is practising their understanding of leadership.
Marshall Goldsmith

Why clients hire us?

  • We practice what we preach!
  • Coachees say that we create a confidential, deeply reflective and highly supportive coaching space.
  • Since 2003 we have achieved an average ‘added value’ satisfaction rating of 9 out of 10.
  • 100% of clients gain increased clarity about where they are, their aspirations and how to bridge the gap.
  • 90% of clients take on greater job responsibility or progress to the next level of leadership during or after coaching.
  • 60% of clients go on to start up a niche enterprise using their expertise, talents and skills. 
  • We offer a discrete, high quality coaching service for leaders and are trusted by our clients.

What differentiates our coaches?

  • They have a proven track record of leading successfully at a senior-board level.
  • They are client centred, impact focused, outcome orientated, creative and pragmatic.
  • All have navigated the changing career landscape and continue to do so.
  • They are accredited coaches who have regular peer mentoring and/or supervision.
  • Each willingly commits to continuous learning towards mastery.
  • They bring an eclectic style and approach.

What topics are discussed?

  • Becoming more self-aware to leverage strengths
  • Building inner resilience in a high profile role
  • Decision making in a pressurized and political environment
  • Self-management with a heavy workload
  • Leading teams locally, nationally and globally
  • Managing upwards with confidence and clear communication
  • Unsure what path to take at a career crossroad
  • How to achieve flexible work patterns and greater life rhythms
  • Transitioning to and in a new role

What next?

The first step is an Enquiry call. This is a 15 - 30-minute confidential conversation scheduled with a lead coach, designed to assess your needs and answer your questions. 

What our clients say

"I have found the coaching/mentoring I have received from Next Leadership to be insightful, practical and supportive. As a leader it can be challenging to carve out the space and time to focus on yourself and your own behaviours and development; the regular mentoring Kate has provided to me has been invaluable in this regard. I have found some of the challenges to my thought processes particularly helpful; giving me a new internal narrative to strengthen my leadership skills. Ongoing accountability around my personal and professional development, from someone outside my professional circle, has also been incredibly helpful. My wellbeing has always been a priority in our conversations, and I have been encouraged to take regular time out for reflection, personal development and planning which has now become a vital part of my life. I am grateful for new habits, and new strength in my leadership."

Ellie Gage
Director of People & Culture, Christians Against Poverty