She Rises

She Rises

This programme and accompanying book 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership, is dedicated to empowering women leaders from diverse sectors, backgrounds and communities through a process of exploration, personal transformation and mutual encouragement.  Women are equipped to recognise and affirm what is ‘good’ and ‘unique’ about their leadership, to aspire to greater heights and to address what is potentially destructive.  


1 Limiting self-perceptions

Adjust how you see yourself  
Many women cultivate an unrealistic and ‘limited’ view of themselves, resulting in internal roadblocks to progress at home, work and ministry.  Unless we challenge such views (alongside those created by institutions, organisations, cultures and others), we struggle to develop a more confident and assured leadership.

You will identify your limiting beliefs and replace them with a more empowered perspective.

2 Failure to draw the line   

Establish appropriate boundaries
Many of the challenges faced by women in work and leadership are boundary issues. 

We will enable you to establish your boundary lines in healthier places by identifying how and when to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

3 Too little life in the work   

Establish a healthy work-life rhythm
Living more healthily is less about ‘balance’ and more about developing a ‘rhythm’ that truly enables women to work, rest and play. 

You will identify your unique drives and passions, discovering ways to feed not only your body and mind but also your spiritual and emotional life.

4 Neglect in family matters   

Be intentional with your nearest and dearest
The people closest to a leader often determine the leader’s ultimate success.  Whether women are married, single, with or without children, family members form a very significant part of our ‘inner circle’. 

You will learn to lead yourself in ways that empower both you and your inner circle to operate at your best.

5 Everybody’s friend, nobody’s leader 

Defeat the ‘disease to please’  
There are wonderful benefits to relational leadership, however, it is fraught with inevitable pitfalls and challenges. Defeating the ‘disease to please’ requires commitment, courage and an ability to navigate the friendship-leadership terrain successfully.  

You will grasp the significance of this dynamic without compromising your commitment to effective leadership.

6 Colluding and not confronting   

Deal with men (and women!) behaving badly
Women in leadership often face greater opposition and resistance from men and women behaving badly.  In fact, women-on-women struggles can be particularly tricky! 

You will explore conflict resolution skills that will enable you to confront and ‘face’ your challenges with ‘difficult people’, rather than collude with them.

7 Inadequate personal vision

Develop and maintain a God-inspired vision
A key to resilience in leadership, lies in discovering a personal vision compelling enough to inspire and sustain throughout the inevitable challenges we face as leaders. 

You will discover a more inspired personal vision based upon your unique design and gifts.

What our clients say

"It has made me question my reasons for coming to particular decisions looking further into myself to rediscover some of my underlying values which I may have ignored before."

Programme attendee