About Us

Next leadership is committed to providing leaders from diverse sectors, backgrounds and communities with opportunities to explore, develop and transform their leadership impact and effectiveness.

We believe that this process involves a commitment to work from the inside (internal), out (external).

We will take you on a journey with yourself, others, something greater (such as a personal vision or mission) and God. We aim to provide a safe space for deep learning, facilitating a ‘soul shift’ for you and/or your organisation.

Our learning approach is theoretical, experiential and practical. We provide a blend of mentoring, coaching, consulting and spiritual formation. Together, this combination is designed to prepare you for new paradigms, fresh possibilities and of course, the shift to your next leadership!

Meet the team

We are two directors, a board of advisors, a support team, associates and partners in the UK and overseas.  We are passionate about developing leaders and work with clients from across diverse sectors, backgrounds and communities.

Rev Dr. Kate Coleman

Kate is founding director of Next Leadership. She has well over 30 years of leadership experience in the church and charity sectors, supporting and mentoring leaders.

Rev Cham Kaur-Mann

Cham has over 25 years leadership experience in the church, charity and voluntary sectors, and mentors and supports leaders...
Our Mission
Transform leadership
by equipping leaders to
serve well
in today and tomorrow's world.

What we're about

Our mission is to transform leadership, by equipping leaders to... serve well in today and tomorrow's world.
We promote connection by prioritising relationships, clarity by simplifying complex issues and convergence by bringing together diverse strands.
We will help you to grow your leadership, build your organisation and make a difference!

Clients & Partners