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Welcome to Next Leadership

Our mission is to transform global leadership from the ‘inside out’ and to equip leaders to serve well in both today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Our values are:

  • connection through prioritising relationships
  • clarity by simplifying complex issues
  • convergence which draws together diverse strands

We will prepare you for new paradigms, fresh possibilities and of course, the shift to your next leadership!

Next Leadership programmes

We design bespoke leadership development solutions and currently deliver 4 flagship programmes:

Monthly Reflections

  • Light Bearers

    October 2017

    Jasper, Dolly, Peanut, and Lucy.. all know.  They know that it’s that time of year again…  Fireworks, loud bangs, bright flashes, random whizzes fizzing and flying through the dark night sky.  They dread this time of year.. not easily consoled, nowhere safe to hide.  When will it end?  No amount of sound therapy or clinical […]

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    Black Her-story Month Mary Seacole (1805 – 1881): Audacity and Courage

    October 2017

    Mary Seacole, was a Jamaican nurse who served in the Crimean War of 1854 with England, France and Turkey against Russia and who, fuelled by her compelling vision and faith overcame overwhelming odds.  She was born in Kingston in about 1805, the child of a Scottish soldier and a Jamaican boarding house keeper.  Her mother […]

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  • Visionary Leadership How Good is your Vision?

    September 2017

    Moving home is a big challenge: moving countries and creating a whole new life is an even BIGGER challenge! My husband and I faced a reluctant relocation after 19 years of living overseas and the decision making required was immense. Added to that were my big questions for God: where will we live…what type of […]

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    Leadership That Transforms

    August 2017

    A story is told of a man who wanted to change the world.  He tried as hard as he could, but really did not accomplish anything.  So he thought that instead he should just try to change his country, but he had no success at that either.  Then he tried to change his city and […]

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  • A Good Read For Women

    July 2017

    Social media might be replacing print media, but as far as women are concerned, the content is not a million miles apart. Whether looking over the shelves of women’s magazines or novels in the station bookshop, or scrolling down women’s Facebook pages, one  significant characteristic stands out. It’s that women are interested in the lives […]

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    Invited to the party!

    June 2017

    Picture the scene.  You’re in an upper room with others from your team, none of whom are in the mood for conversation.  You’re waiting.. waiting.  Suddenly your senses are bombarded with a pyrotechnic display of sound, colour and movement..   flames like tongues appearing from nowhere and landing on the heads of the people around […]

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  • “What is Christian Coaching…exactly?”

    May 2017

    I’m often asked this question. Twice this week in fact! The last time from Margaret Austin who kindly stopped by my table for a friendly chat as I was having a ‘cuppa’ in the church café last week.  When YOU think of the word ‘coaching’ or ‘coach’ what springs to mind? A sport’s coach, a […]

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    YOU choose!

    April 2017

    Special offer, 3 for £10!  Take your pick!  Buttons, balls, or bunnies – it’s up to you!  Plain, dark, milk?  Bows or bonnets?  Nuts, paleo, gluten free?  Decisions, decisions, what to do..  too much to choose from.. Yep, you’ve guessed it.. I’m talking EGGS!   I’m talking commercials.. I’m talking shops,  talking er… possibly Easter?  […]

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My leadership journey

Video stories from the private, public, voluntary, charity and church sectors.


We support

Next Leadership is committed to holistic transformation. Each year, we donate a proportion of our finances, time and/or talent to those seeking to make a positive and lasting difference to individuals, organisations and wider society.

What you’re saying

  • The whole event has been delivered with an exceptional level of experience

    General Testimonial

  • Outstanding event, top class speakers!

    General Testimonial

  • The shared days have definitely played a part in the increased sense of emotional health and well-being I have experienced over the last 18 months – which have been a very significant time for me.

    7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

  • Coaching provided a non-judgemental space for me to reflect on our Church vision and strategic objectives. It also had a hugely positive impact on the way I lead and relate to others.

    Senior Minister, Church


  • Excellent presenters… coming from a non-church background it was really enlightening for me to hear bible stories and how they related to leadership – it made me curious to find out more.

    7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

  • I feel much more ambitious for myself in terms of what I can achieve both on a personal and professional level. I am now much more aware of my own future and personal vision.

    7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

  • I want to say a huge thank you for the content of your talks at the Conference, which was so instructive and also the way that you delivered it.  You really blessed and encouraged us.

    Co-ordinator for church minister’s conference

    General Testimonial

  • Mutuality and emphasising relational dimensions are one of the most important things I feel I offer as a women leader, seeing this being modelled (by the presenters) has been a vital part of the course for me.

    7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

  • I really appreciated the way in which the equality of men and women together has been emphasised, this is lacking in most women based stuff I’ve looked at or been a part of. Maybe men would benefit from some of the teaching too?

    7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

  • Thank you it has been really excellent including lovely food!

    General Testimonial

  • Thank you so much… this experience has been life changing.

    7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

  • So refreshing to have input from different leadership styles/sectors/age ranges

    General Testimonial

  • Just days after the programme ended I was selected for a change management project role in a global organisation. The clarity I’d gained through coaching to make this choice was essential and I am now steps closer to my true vocation. Thanks again.

    Manager, Charity


  • I want to thank you especially for your honesty, your vulnerability and your integrity in all you shared…  I consider it an honour and privilege to have had the opportunity to meet and talk with you, and to sit under your ministry.

    Baptist Union conference organiser

    General Testimonial

  • Great conference, very diverse

    General Testimonial

  • I had an awesome day. Thanks for your time, effort and organisation

    General Testimonial

  • You were worth waiting for and we really appreciate you coming down to be with us.

    Church worker, Worthing

    General Testimonial

  • The most important thing for me has been a sense of sisterhood and shared journey. It has been an extremely valuable and significant experience for me and I will never, from now on, forget how powerful the love of other women is.

    7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

  • My only regret is that I did not meet you twenty years ago… how different my early ministry could have been. Your wisdom, integrity and above all character, are a rare gift to us all.

    Local church pastor

    General Testimonial

  • I am now better, stronger, empowered and focused – holistic transformation!!  Being mentored has been life changing…

    Head of Department, Public